Changing person’s life through volunteering

“Simply knowing that you can contribute a positive change in person’s life is more than enough.” – Dr. Jesus “Jay” A. Lizardo II (NCFPI Volunteer Surgeon)

I have been a volunteer surgeon in NCFPI since 2011. I first learned of this foundation through Dr. Bernie Tansipek in UP-PGH as a plastic surgery resident. I assisted him in operations such as cheiloplasty, palatoplasty, facial cleft repair as well as orthognathic surgery.

In 2012, I was blessed to be supported by NCFPI as a seed fellow at the Craniofacial Center of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan, Taiwan, training in auricular reconstructive surgery (microtia surgery).

I continue to volunteer in NCFPI simply knowing that I contribute in my own small way for a positive change in a person’s life . In my nine years with the NCFPI Team, I have seen it to be constant source of hope for all the cleft patients and their families.

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