Krizeila’s Journey to a Perfect Smile

They helped her more than words can ever explain how. From series of operations to speech therapy up to braces. They treated us as their own. We are truly blessed to be part of this amazing foundation. – Clarise Bañez (NCFPI Patient Mother)

We never knew Krizeila’s case until she was born. The moment she came into this world, all of us were shocked. Series of ultrasound exams to know the gender never showed any signs that she was cleft. None of our family has a history of cleft lip and palate, so we don’t know what, how and where to go.

A day after she was born, we were sent to Fabella Hospital stating that they know how to handle such cases. Sadly, we were not assisted mainly because we are not residents. There are also a lot of similar or even worse cases than Krizeila’s. We had to go home having no answers to our questions.

Then a family friend contacted me. He told me that he has a close doctor friend who’s very much involved with a foundation focusing on cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. He immediately gave the contact number of Doctor Tansipek and details about the foundation.

We didn’t know that the same doctor would have a huge contribution to Krizeila’s NCFPI journey. He performed her very first operation when she was only 4 months old. Since then, she had become part of the Noordhoff family. Honestly, we consider it faith. Up until today we still believe that it’s His will.

It was never easy, and never will be, but putting faith in the Lord and having unconditional love truly helps. As parents, nothing hurts more than to see our children hurt. Don’t lose hope. Your child will definitely see and feel everything you are doing for them. Your unconditional love will definitely make them feel whole in spite of what others might think or say to them.

“Huwag po kayong mawawalan ng pag asa. Marami pong handang tumulong. Ang Diyos po palagi tayong tutulungan. Marami po siyang mababait na taong tutulong po sa inyo, sa atin po.” – Krizeila Bañez (NCFPI patient)