Volunteer Orthodontist – Dr. Crysoine Marquez

“Through volunteering, I learned more about my missions in life as it was already in my heart when I was young like it was my sealed orders from God.” – Dr. Crysoine Marquez (NCFPI Volunteer Orthodontist)

Since college, I have loved participating in the medical and dental missions of our organization. It was 2008, when I met NCFPI through my friend and classmate Dr. Janet Pandan. I was encouraged to join with her when I heard her talking about NCFPI.

During the thirteen years of my volunteering experience at NCFPI, I enjoyed having new friends with other volunteers. Now, I’m still in the journey of continuous learning especially in the seminars and trainings I attended with the help of NCFPI.

It’s nice to see the results of what you have been part. I was able to see cleft patients grow. Not just only physically from infant to adulthood but spiritually. Likewise, in their career. I’m glad to see them enjoying their jobs. Having self-confidence as they face their journey in life. Especially during our activity called “Youth Healing Outreach” an outreach program that helps patients and volunteers to have a spiritual and personal growth with the Lord.

A piece of advice to those parents who have cleft child, be reminded to love your child and bless him/her every day as he/she is a perfect creation of God. For those cleft patients continuously honor your parents so that all things will go well with you and that is a promise of God.